NACB’s Connectivity Solutions

Our platform empowers each member with the collective strength of our rapidly expanding, trusted community, offering various solutions.

Member introductions​

Based on relevancy scoring, members are introduced to one another to maximize engagement and synergies. Whether it’s finding a supplier, vendor, partner, investor, or acquisition target, NACB provides strategic introductions to help your business achieve its growth objectives.​

Events platform

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) goes beyond traditional methods of engagement by harnessing the power of events, webinars, podcasts, and other innovative initiatives. These platforms are more than just learning and networking opportunities; they are gateways to strategic growth and development for our members.

Job boards

We meticulously verify all job listings for precision, relevance, and alignment, ensuring that applicants meet the necessary qualifications and streamlining during the hiring procedure. Whether you are posting job listings or seeking employment opportunities, NACB offers a comprehensive job platform. This job platform offers access to highly qualified industry professionals across the country.

Cannabis opportunities

NACB offers its members support in scanning, posting, and applying for opportunities across the entire cannabis ecosystem.

These curated opportunities focus on connecting businesses (both public and private) collaboratively to deliver their products and services, fostering growth and partnership.

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NACB offers a periodic newsletter, sharing the most recent updates from the member community, as well as industry-wide news on the business, science, and culture of cannabis. It is curated and edited by our team of cannabis veterans, professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and research team, sharing the latest developments and trends affecting cannabis.
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