October 2020 Member Spotlight

Hi NACB community,

Hope you are doing well. Here are the featured NACB members for this month. Please read till the end to find out how you can also be featured in the upcoming Member Spotlight.

Georgia CBD Distributors

Georgia CBD Distributors is the first American hemp company accepted as an e-Resident via the government program in Estonia. Their application was approved, and high-tech credentials were received on August 24. This is a foundational component to their international distribution plans of Premium CBD oils, salves and sundries.

In celebration of this achievement, they are offering NACB members 15% OFF all premium CBD products + FREE SHIPPING too! To take advantage of this offer, simply visit Georgia CBD Life, shop, then pay using this limited-time code Q07ED97941 to secure your 15% savings at checkout.

*All Shoppe website restrictions, such as age (21yo) and shipping restrictions, apply. Offer VOID where prohibited.

Baked Smart

Baked Smart is hosting the first-ever summit dedicated to edibles. The Everything Edibles Virtual Summit is focused solely on edibles’ integrity and education for both consumers and businesses.

For professionals, the important topics that will be covered are formation, insurance, product liability, social media, branding and more. For the enthusiast, they will hear from respected medical professionals, edible makers, and budtenders who will share information about the endocannabinoid system, microdosing, making edibles at home, new and disruptive products coming out, cannabis for animals and more. Plus enjoy a year-long access to all information and the Everything Edibles community.

As an added bonus, there is an open opportunity for anyone interested in spreading the word about the summit via an affiliate program. For every ticket sold, affiliates will receive 50% of the ticket price ($100 minus $10 in processing fees). This is a great way to bring in passive income. Email and social media templates are available to help promote the event. Click here to register for the summit.


GS1 US is a not-for-profit information standards organization that facilitates industry collaboration to help improve supply chain visibility and efficiency through the use of GS1 Standards, the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world. GS1 US also manages the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®).

Check out their upcoming webinar ‘Introduction to GS1 Standards for CBD -Future-proof Your Supply Chain by Learning the Global Language of Business’ on October 29 at 1pm EST

Learn how implementing GS1 Standards for unique identification of your CBD products along with an effective traceability program can help to enhance and protect your brand and satisfy consumer and trading partner demands for accurate, timely information.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to get your product in store, better understand and utilize your track & trace processes, or looking to grow your CBD business, this webinar will:

* Introduce you to long established GS1 standards that are a part of everyday business.

* Establishing the right foundation with unique identifiers, including Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs).

* Understanding the value of supply chain visibility to extend the benefits to operational processes and e-commerce success.

Register for this webinar here.

Alkemist Labs

Alkemist Labs was founded in 1997, is DEA registered, USDA listed and involved in responsibly developing the cannabis marketplace since 2010. They stand at the forefront of cannabinoid and terpene determination testing, which are included in the scope of the ISO 17025 accreditation. It is recognized as the top botanical testing lab for products regulated under DSHEA. In addition to the transparent Certificate of Analysis, they can provide a consumer-friendly version too. Click here for more info.

Get in touch with them at 714.754.4372 or email them at sales@alkemist.com.


DynaVap‘s 2020 M fall color battery-free vapes are back featuring the return of the PhantoM and RosiuM and the new AzuriuM. When heat is applied during vaping, the PhantoM turns to a grey blue, the RosiuM various colors of red and gold and the AzuriuM, a wide spectrum of blue colors.

Enjoy fall with DynaVap’s fall colors. Enjoy the battery-free experience.


Sunderstorm’s fast-acting Kanha Nano Vegan gummies are now available in a CBD-rich formula and new flavor – Serene Green Apple. Maintaining their signature-soft texture, these plant-based treats are made with 10mg CBD and 0.5mg of THC per gummy.

Utilizing the only clinically proven, fast-acting nanomolecular technology in the market, you’ll feel the serene effects of CBD in as few as 5-15 minutes. The patent-protected technology creates cannabinoids smaller than a wavelength of light, which allows for a fast-onset and higher absorption rate. No need to wait for the effects of this tart yet sweet 20:1 vegan gummy! Click here to find a retailer near you.

NACB Updates

We are so excited to have been featured in the Cannabis & Tech Today summer 2020 issue where we discuss how the NACB is helping cannabis businesses meet social equity challenges. You can read the article by clicking here.

Speaking of social equity, our Social Equity Policy Guidelines (SEP Guide) is finally released and ready to serve as a roadmap for states looking to enact reparative, pro-cannabis policies, in an effort to restore justice in the War on Drugs’ aftermath. A huge thank you goes out to the many organizations and individuals whose feedback contributed to the formation of the guidelines.

Last month our Director of Legal Tom Nolasco was a guest speaker on the panel of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA), where he spoke on labor and employment issues regarding cannabis. The presentation covered the relevant legal landscape for employers in states where cannabis is legal in some form and provided information regarding best practices for the workplace.

In case you missed the opportunity to catch CEO, Gina Kranwinkel live on Green Flower’s episode 7 of Focus on the Future, you can watch the replay here. Gina discusses the role education plays in the emerging legal industry, as well as the NACB’s initiatives, what the organization has planned for the months ahead and why the sharing of knowledge is critical to the success of the nascent cannabis marketplace.

We discussed cannabis advocacy best practices and pitfalls at our last happy hour with host Eli Harrington, and guest speaker Saskia VannJames, who is in Community Relations and a Board Member of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumers Council. Stay tuned for October’s invite and topic of the month.

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