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Supporting The Compliance, Transparency, And Growth Of Cannabis Businesses

Supporting the compliance, transparency, and growth of cannabis businesses with Adrienne Uthe (VP Sales & Marketing) and Ashley Manning (Business Development Manager) for the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. Today we learn about the First Self-Regulatory Organization for the U.S. Cannabis Industry, the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. The NACB’s mission is supporting the compliance, transparency, and growth of cannabis businesses in the U.S. Led by a team of government, legal, banking, and data security experts, the NACB helps member businesses establish voluntary national standards that address critical issues such as advertising and financial integrity.

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Adrienne Uthe

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Ashley Manning

Licensed owners of a cannabis dispensary, grower, or any other ancillary business may apply to become a member. The NACB recently announced the adoption of National Standards on Laboratory Testing and Product Integrity. These standards are designed to protect consumers and demonstrate to regulators and the public that NACB members operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility, especially when it comes to the safety and quality of their products. They include limits to permissible potency variances for THC and CBD, independence of labs from control and business interests of test subjects, required accreditation for testing methodologies, verifiability of claims regarding contaminants and testing Integrity and honesty of sampling procedures.

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