NACB Members Helmand Valley Growers and NiaMedic Advance Medical Cannabis Research to Help American Veterans

Complex problems such as the opioid and suicide crises among American veterans demand innovative solutions created by collaboration. At the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), we’re proud to share a remarkable story of member collaboration that has true groundbreaking potential to help American veterans overcome chronic pain and the symptoms of PTSD in a way that’s never been done before.

This story starts with Bryan Buckley, a Special Operations Team Commander with Marine Raiders who started Battle Brothers Foundation to help American veterans overcome personal, economic and medical challenges. Battle Brothers concentrates on non-opiate-based treatment methodologies for veterans’ physical and psychological injuries, so it’s constantly seeking innvative, more effective medical solutions. Buckley became aware of pioneering cannabis research and treatment being done by NACB member NiaMedic with seniors in Israel suffering chronic pain. NiaMedic Healthcare andResearch Services specializes in development, research and integration ofMedical Cannabis treatments with conventional care. NiaMedic has developed unique and valuable databases, pioneering treatment protocols and research platform.

Fast-forward several months. Buckley and NiaMedic are now poised to launch the cannabis medical research in the U.S. with American veterans. “We understood cannabis asa potential medicinal solution, but there’s no scientific research on what ismost effective, and minimal or no safety regulation,” said Buckley, President of the Board at Battle Brothers Foundation.

“We needed a scientific approach to cannabis medicine specific to American veterans. Our study aims to answer basic yet critical questions, like what cannabis treatment protocol will have optimal impact, and which cannabinoid profile is most effective for the medical issues faced by so many American veterans? Our goal is medical cannabis treatment specific to American veterans that’s backed by scientific research in theUnited States.”

The pilot study begins in Q2. The study should lead to a documented, published and proven scientific approach to a cannabis medicine treatment protocol for veterans.

Achievement of this goal will be an enormous step forward for American veterans. The collaboration will also move the cannabis industry forward in an ethical, compliant way. There’s more to this story, though.

ForBattle Brothers Foundations and the veterans it serves, answers are the first step. Buckley want to get treatment to vets. He’s founded Helmand ValleyGrowers Company, named for the Helmand Province in Afghanistan where he and so many American veterans have served. HVG is a for-profit company that will grow the strains of cannabis identified by the study, and work with dispensaries to provide the product proven to be most effective in improving the lives ofAmerican veterans. The company’s recreational cannabis arm will provide a revenue stream to Battle Brothers Foundation to keep the research funded, and get cannabis medicine to veterans. HVG’s brand is founded on safe cannabis products, free from added chemicals and cutting agents. Helmand Valley Growers is also a member of the NACB.  

We’ll keep you updated as this incredible collaborative effort moves cannabis medical research, and the cannabis industry, forward.