Cannabis Industry Leaders NACB and Green Flower Media Team Up to Change Perceptions and Build Industry Credibility

Cannabis Industry Leaders NACB and Green Flower Media Team Up to Change Perceptions and Build Industry Credibility

Partnership to focus on improving cannabis consumer education and industry safety


NEW YORK, NY (Oct 1, 2019) – Two of the most well-respected organizations in cannabis, the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) and Green Flower Media, have formed a new partnership to help train more people with high-quality cannabis education and remove the stereotypes that prevent this industry from growing.


“The NACB and Green Flower are both dedicated to consumer education and industry safety,” said Adrienne Uthe, NACB’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “We’re teaming up to offer the cannabis industry the best of both worlds – education and association credibility.”


“Green Flower is excited to partner with a group as passionate and dedicated as NACB,” said GreenFlower CEO Max Simon. “Without great people guiding this industry forward and best-in-class education, businesses are destined to struggle in this space are destined to struggle. We’re really looking forward to making an impact together.”


The NACB is the only cannabis membership organization that vets its members for responsibility, trust and compliance. Its growing B2B network extends to every corner of the cannabis industry, from licensed cannabis businesses and suppliers to industry professionals and cannabis allies. The NACB is also leading development of National Standards for Packaging, Labeling, Advertising and more, all designed to promote a prosperous, stable and safe future for the cannabis industry.


Green Flower Media is the nation’s #1 trusted cannabis education platform and provides all the most crucial training and guidance required to help people succeed within a host of sectors of cannabis.Green Flower helps its members stay on the cutting-edge of cannabis and offers certificate programs and other education and information that comes directly from the industry’s most trusted experts.


“Our members are the cannabis industry, and they’re in the right place to advocate for responsible, safe and ethical cannabis use and practices,” said NACB CEO Gina Kranwinkel. “By working together to educate our networks and the wider public about the facts, we can move this industry forward in a safe and compliant way.”


About the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB)


The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) is the industry’s first and only self-regulatory organization, whose mission is to support the compliance, transparency and growth of legal cannabis businesses in the U.S. Visit for membership information.


About Green Flower Media


Established in 2014, Ventura CA-based Green Flower Media is the #1 trusted cannabis education platform, featuring high-quality videos and industry-leading trainings from 700+ top cannabis experts,doctors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders at the forefront of cannabis today. Visit for more information.

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