A New EO Care Survey of Over 1,000 Participants Reveals that 18 Percent of Americans Currently Use Cannabis for Health Reasons, with 65 Percent Expressing Willingness to Use it Under Clinician Supervision.

EO Care, Inc.,is a pioneer in providing employer-oriented cannabis health and wellness solutions, unveiled the outcomes of a recent survey comprising 1,027 American participants. The research focused on understanding their perspectives and usage patterns regarding cannabis. All survey respondents were employed part-time or more and resided in areas across the United States where cannabis is legally accessible for medical or recreational purposes.

The survey’s principal findings can be summarized as follows:

  • A noteworthy 18 percent of the participants reported utilizing cannabis for health-related reasons within the past year. Additionally, 19 percent of people used cannabis recreationally, while 14 percent utilized it for both purposes.
  • The three most prevalent reasons for cannabis consumption among the participants were anxiety, pain management, and sleep-related issues.
  • A significant 88 percent of those employing medical cannabis affirmed that they reduced the consumption of prescription drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both.
  • A notable 51 percent expressed their likelihood to utilize cannabis if included in their health plan.
  • A majority of 65 percent indicated that they felt  more at ease utilizing cannabis if supervised and dosed by a healthcare professional.

Sean Collins, co-founder and CEO of EO Care, highlighted the challenges faced by individuals seeking clinical guidance for medicinal cannabis. 

The lack of knowledge among most physicians and the inability of retail dispensaries to provide adequate medical advice have prompted millions of Americans to turn to cannabis for health reasons. Often, they do so without proper guidance regarding product recommendations, dosage requirements, potential drug interactions, and their individual health histories.

 Given that cannabis sales for health purposes surpass those of most prescription drugs, this situation raises significant concerns in the healthcare arena.

EO Care emerged to bridge this gap providing members access to healthcare professionals who craft personalized cannabis care plans. This included specific product recommendations and dosages based on an individual’s medical history and needs. Members are subsequently connected with local dispensaries to fulfill their orders. These clinical recommendations are rooted in data models developed in collaboration with leading clinicians and researchers. It was further validated by a physician, with ongoing feedback to fine-tune individualized care.

EO Care extends its services to members through their employers, who offer this program as an employee benefit. Most members seek relief from chronic conditions such as neuropathic pain, symptoms associated with cancer treatment. For instance, nausea, appetite loss, sleep disturbances, pain, and anxiety, and other health concerns like seizure disorders and Parkinson’s disease. 

The EO Care survey also delved into the sentiments of employees regarding their employer’s cannabis-related policies, revealing the following insights:

  • A significant 56 percent of respondents expressed their preference for employers with health plans that encompass cannabis care.
  • Meanwhile, 44 percent conveyed their willingness to reconsider applying for a job at a company that mandates testing for prior cannabis use or prohibits cannabis usage outside of the workplace.

Collins underscored the prevalence of legalized cannabis in various forms across the nation in 94 percent of Americans residing in states where it is permitted. He emphasized the potential impact of cannabis usage on employees and their health outcomes. Collins believes that by providing the proper medicinal cannabis guidance, employers can support their employees, enhance health outcomes, and lead the way in offering this crucial benefit that employees are likely to access in the future.

About EO Care

EO Care stands as the inaugural clinically guided cannabis health and wellness solution aimed at employers. This digital health service equips HR and benefits leaders with the essential tools to help employees make informed decisions in incorporating cannabis into their healthcare journey. It delivers clinical education and personalized care guidance, addressing concerns such as cannabis overuse which has become increasingly prevalent due to the absence of medical direction. 

EO Care utilizes data from prominent cannabis clinicians and researchers to provide clinician guidance and proprietary data models. This empowers employers to address unguided cannabis consumption and offers employees efficient options for managing issues related to cancer treatment, pain, opioid dependency, anxiety, and sleep management.

The company boasts a team of experts in healthcare customer experience, biotechnology, and data intelligence. 

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