Driving the cannabis economy forward through accessibility and industry connectivity.

The National Association of Cannabis Business (NACB) is a data-driven community comprised of cannabis industry members coalescing to assure approach to its members’ successes, industry connectivity, and to drive the cannabis economy forward in prosperity and equity.

Welcome to NACB

National Association of Cannabis Businesses

At the National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB), we help drive the cannabis industry towards unprecedented success and connectivity. With our commitment to fostering growth, accessibility, equity, and economic impact, we are the convergence point for cannabis industry stakeholders committed to success and ensuring the cannabis industry reaches its full economic and social potential.

NACB in Numbers​


Growing industry dataset with more than 5 million data points–trends, consumer insights, investments.


Cannabis-specific SOPs developed and published


Comprehensive profiles and comparative analysis of 38 states


Proprietary industry email database


Participants are involved in NACB events, webinars, and industry networking sessions.


Targeted audience reach across all NACB social media
Graphic illustration of a stylized cannabis leaf in a gradient of dark to light green on a white background, used to represent cannabis culture or related concepts

The NACB Community

The growing NACB vetted community consists of a vibrant group of US-based cannabis organizations and participants that are passionate about shaping the cannabis economy into one defined by accessibility, financial prosperity and equity.
We work alongside disruptive ventures, investors, service providers, policy makers, researchers, and advocates that engage in the cannabis space well beyond its recreational use.

About NACB

The NACB is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to providing unparalleled support to businesses and professionals within the cannabis industry. Our comprehensive offerings, powered by our proprietary industry database, include invaluable resources, market intelligence, and a collaborative platform tailored to support our members to better navigate the intricate landscape of the rapidly expanding cannabis sector.
The NACB Shield is the symbol representing our vision to harness the full power of cannabis and strategic, purposeful collaboration to deliver the best version of the cannabis economy: an economy that is fully actualized and serving every member of society.

By displaying the NACB Shield members demonstrate to their stakeholders– consumers, partners, prospects, and regulators– that you and your organization operate at the highest levels of ethics and responsibility. The NACB Shield on your website, your packaging, and in your place of business sets you apart. It shows that you are committed to lasting relationships and ethical business practices in the cannabis industry.
The current state of the industry is one where information asymmetry is so pronounced that it prevents most participants from having a real opportunity to capture the strategic opportunities on which they need to act to succeed.

With the formation of the NACB and the democratization of access to the crucial information necessary for growth and by improving strategic industry connectivity, the NACB helps our valuable members overcome countless hurdles that prevent the industry from efficiently functioning in prosperity and equity.
At NACB, we offer unmatched connectivity solutions through access to our vetted cannabis stakeholder community, events, webinars and engagement activities. Additionally, we offer carefully curated market insights to keep our members informed with the intelligence needed to formulate the best strategies.

The NACB’s membership platform results from continuous conversations with our members on how best to support them as they lead the industry towards a prosperous and equitable future. We achieve this by providing resources and insights that drive achievement, innovation, and impact.

NACB offers three membership classes: Seed, Growth, and Scale, each with varying access to our products, and activities.

Membership Tiers



Seed membership is the introductory offering which provides basic informational benefits and resources.



Growth membership provides more connectivity guidance, and exclusive opportunities.



Scale membership is our top of the line offering providing membership access and connectivity to premium services, high-profile opportunities, industry visibility and recognition.

NACB’s Connectivity Solutions

Our platform empowers each member with the collective strength of our rapidly expanding, trusted community, offering various solutions.

Member introductions​​

Events platform​

Job boards​

Cannabis opportunities​

NACB’s Growth Solutions

Our growth platform fuels impact by delivering essential business intelligence to help our members’ performance and ensure their strategies are informed by top-tier intelligence.

Industry intelligence​

Consumer insights​

Business standards​

Expert information sessions​

The Benefits of Joining the NACB: ​

Leveraging a Member-Centric Approach for Success
The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) stands out as the leading trade association with its member-centric approach. This approach is tailored to craft a membership framework that harmoniously aligns with your strategic goals and objectives. Here are the key benefits of joining the NACB:

Member Connectivity​

Opportunity Scans​

Domain Expert Access​

Business Intelligence Library​

Equity Initiatives​

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NACB offers a periodic newsletter, sharing the most recent updates from the member community, as well as industry-wide news on the business, science, and culture of cannabis. It is curated and edited by our team of cannabis veterans, professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and research team, sharing the latest developments and trends affecting cannabis.
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