Our Guiding Principles Ensuring Cannabis Safety & Social Responsibility

As an SRO (Self-Regulatory Organization), the NACB—with the participation of its members and other stakeholders—will adopt National Standards to which members are required to adhere. The NACB’s Guiding Principles represent the foundational concepts upon which National Standards will be based.

  •  The NACB will issue National Standards that are clear and enforceable.
  • The NACB will create National Standards that promote transparent and complete financial recordkeeping that reflects legitimate activity as defined by state law and federal guidance, improving diversity in industry ownership and employment.
  • The NACB will strive to demonstrate to state and federal regulators that laws, regulations and guidance are being respected and enforced.
  • The NACB will take reasonable measures to prevent youth use, except in circumstances in which medical cannabis is provided to qualifying minors in compliance with state laws.
  • The NACB will take reasonable measures to prevent diversion of cannabis from state legal markets.
  • The NACB will not issue National Standards that are arbitrary and/or unduly burdensome on the NACB industry members.
  • The NACB will set public safety and public health standards that incorporate best practices across similarly situated industries and current cannabis-specific research.
  • The NACB will promote a safe and healthy environment for cannabis industry employees, consumers, and patients.
  • The NACB will not issue National Standards that are likely to increase the black market systematically.
  • The NACB will ensure that minority communities, particularly communities that were disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs, are adequately represented in every aspect of the NACB governance.
  • The NACB will promote practices that ensure these communities are also adequately represented in industry.
  • The NACB will take reasonable measures to help prevent cannabis use disorder by providing access to empirically-backed education and resources.
  • The NACB will not debate the merits of cannabis legalization or prohibition when deliberating on proposed National Standards.