The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB): Code of Conduct

The NACB promotes compliance, transparency, accountability, and responsible business practices. To ensure that the NACB and each member can effectively carry out this goal, every NACB member agrees to abide by the NACB Code of Conduct. Members who fail to comply with the Code of Conduct may have their memberships revoked.


  • NACB members will comply with all applicable state and local laws regarding cannabis.
  • NACB members will comply with duly adopted National Standards.
  • NACB members will conduct business in a fair, honest and forthright manner.
  • NACB members will cooperate with the NACB’s requests for information for the purpose of approving membership and ongoing monitoring of compliance with applicable laws and the NACB’s National Standards.
  • NACB members will conduct business in a manner that assists in establishing legitimacy and credibility of cannabis related businesses.
  • NACB members will demonstrate legal and regulatory competency with National Standards, and the laws and regulations from their respective state and local governments.
  • NACB members will be transparent with government regulatory bodies and the NACB.
  • NACB members have the duty to disclose fully to the NACB material lapses in compliance with government laws or regulations and/or the National Standards.
  • NACB members have a duty to correct lapses in compliance in a timely manner that increases the likelihood of sustained compliance.
    In situations in which the NACB National Standards differ from state– and/or local-level and regulations, NACB members will maintain compliance with the most restrictive of two, insofar as state and local laws and regulations allow.
  • NACB members will encourage ethical and compliant conduct by other industry members.
  • NACB members will not manufacture or sell products that are intended to be attractive to minors.
  • NACB members will work to discourage drugged driving.
    NACB members may use the NACB logo only as authorized by the NACB.
  • NACB members will adopt hiring practices and conduct due diligence on prospective employees that reasonably assures the members are hiring individuals with good moral character and who do not have extensive criminal histories or a record of non-compliance with regulatory authorities.
  • NACB members will not engage in business practices that would increase the availability of cannabis and cannabis products to individuals who are under 21 years of age, except in circumstances where medical cannabis is available to younger individuals.
  • NACB members will protect the confidential information of
  • patients and customers.
    NACB members will not engage in fraudulent behavior.
  • NACB members shall avoid and disclose potential conflicts of interest.
  • NACB members shall uphold ethical standards in their own personal behavior, as a corporate entity, and will expect the same from each of their employees and business partners.
  • NACB members will conduct due diligence on business partners, investors, and contractors to ensure that no business arrangement the member enters into jeopardizes the member’s compliance with applicable state and local laws or the NACB Code of Conduct.
  • NACB members will promote diversity, equity, and opportunity in the cannabis industry.
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If you have questions about the NACB Code of Conduct Policy, please contact the NACB at: or 720-926-6881