Call to Action – NACB Template
Letter for Legislators

December 2, 2020
Below is the template for a letter to be sent to your state representative. We want to empower you to have a voice and be able to advocate for a Social Equity program. Feel free to copy and paste or download the word document HERE.

Dear Governor / Senator /Representative______________:

Now that cannabis has been legalized in [state name], we have an important and timely opportunity to improve social equity and economic opportunity in our state. As you may know, the War on Drugs disproportionately impacted many communities. Starting a social equity program in our state could create new businesses, jobs and dollars that could be used to build up these communities. This is a chance to use the prosperity created by cannabis legalization to do something really important!

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) has created Social Equity Policy Guidelines to assist you. The Guidelines provide the building blocks for a successful program that can lift people who have suffered from years of inequitable treatment:

  • establishing a cannabis social equity board of advisors
  • qualifications for social equity applicants
  • definition of disproportionately impacted areas
  • benefits for successful program applicants
  • reinvestment of cannabis tax revenue in disadvantaged communities
  • expungement of prior cannabis-related offenses

You can find the entire plan here. I know the NACB could talk further with you and share their expertise as well. They are in touch with successful social equity program leaders and policymakers across the country.

As one of your constituents, I ask that you please review the guidelines and find a way to start a social equity program in this state or expand the social equity policies already in place. I fully support the NACB’s Guidelines and would really like to see our state incorporate their recommendations. Please use your leadership role to get these policies enacted!

Many thanks for listening to my concerns.

Best regards,